Netball Court Resurfacing


Netball Court Resurfacing has come a long way from frost-bitten PE lessons in the depths of winter to today’s highly respected professional sport. As such, it is vital that your sports pitch construction is fitted with a high-quality netball surface and the right facilities to encourage participation. The most basic requirement is a surface that conforms with the official rules of netball – however, it’s also worth considering adding height-adjustable goalposts and upgrading to chainlink sports fencing during your new sports surface installation.

A good quality surfacing will also reduce the risk of damage and improve safety for players as well as providing a more attractive and functional environment for users. Resurfacing can include ripping up and replacing existing surfacing as well as re-marking the courts with fresh new sports lines using acrylic coatings.

Cost Considerations for Netball Court Resurfacing: Budgeting Tips and Advice

Our specialist surfacing company offers an extensive range of materials suitable for a netball court surface and can advise on the right option for your specific site, budget, and level of play. For example, a porous asphalt surface will be perfect for school or community use while a polymeric surfacing would be ideal for club and semi-professional venues.

Another popular option is our self-draining LOKFLOR netball surfacing system which allows play to resume immediately after rain and can be easily maintained with a pressure washer and blower. This surface also includes shock-absorbing layers to soften impact and increase player comfort. It can be installed over an existing tarmac or concrete netball court and is compatible with a wide range of other sports.