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Having A-Level tutorial lessons can be a good way to learn new concepts. It is important to have a good working knowledge of the topic you are teaching, and to ask students questions to identify misconceptions. Tutors should also take the opportunity to practice key skills and get students to apply their knowledge in different contexts.

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Tutors should prepare questions beforehand, and should ask students to jot down questions during the tutorial. This will give students the opportunity to discuss problems and make progress.

Students should also prepare for their tutorial session. They should note down any issues they have while the tutorial is in progress, and prepare answers to questions they ask. They should also jot down questions they might have during the lectures. These questions should be specific and based on the course.

Tutorials usually last about an hour. During the tutorial, the tutor will give students feedback on their prepared work. The tutor will also introduce a new topic. The student will then work on their own to complete the new work the following week.

Small group tutorial lessons are also an effective way to help students master the subject. They can be offered to groups of two or six students, and can include opportunities for group work and individual work.

Tutors should set a clear set of goals for each tutorial session. These goals should be in line with the course and the rest of the course, and they should specify what students will do.

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