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Willow Tree figurines began as a small line of exclusive, limited edition art by artist Susan Lordi. The original group comprised twelve works that represented various aspects of her life. Ms. Lordi has since added twenty additional pieces to her original Willow Tree series. Today, Willow Tree offers an incredibly wide range of unique art works portraying nooks and crannies of contemporary women from every culture around the world.

Why need An Alternative to Barbie?

willow tree figurines


Willow Tree figurines feature angelic faces and bodies with detailed, often bare, heads and arms. The figurines vary in size from miniatures to small full-size figurines suitable for wall decoration. Their artistic style is inspired by traditional Japanese papermaking, particularly the origami style.

Ms. Lordi began producing the limited series in 2021 and has since become extremely popular worldwide, with fans numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The majority of Willow Tree figurines feature simple, yet elegant poses with expressions of contentment and serenity. Some figurines feature complex and highly detailed artworks featuring highly stylized facial expressions of multiple figures. Most figurines include a selection of different accessories including figurines legs, blankets and other accessories. is currently the hottest new thing and they look like they’re going to become even more popular in the future.


So, if you love pretty ladies and you want to make a strong statement about who you are or what you believe, then consider a Willow Tree figurine collection. These figurines offer a refreshing alternative to the more “mainstream” styles of figurines and you’ll be happy to know that your collection will stand the test of time. These figurines are highly durable, attractive and detailed and look really good set against any background.

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