Payday Loan Debt Assistance – Is There Such a Thing?


Payday loans or cash advances are designed for quick, short-term expenses that typically result in paying the loan back on your next paycheck day. Because there are so many payday loan lenders that offer high-interest short-term loans or cash advances, payday loan debt assistance is often sought by individuals who need some extra cash for an unexpected expense. Unfortunately, most payday loans unfortunately have to be repaid within only two weeks, making them an extremely high debt obligation. As with any other type of consumer debt, payday loan debt assistance is available in many different formats. Some of the methods include contacting your local consumer credit counseling service, which can provide you with options for consolidating your payday loan into one payment, lowering the interest rate, and in some states, removing penalties for late payments and fees.

Payday Loan Relief Companies – Are You Able to Eliminate Debt With a Perfect Method

But the use of cash advances, or “side hustles,” has come under fire from both the government and consumer advocates. Critics argue that these types of short-term loans are dangerous because they create what is known as a “debt spiral.” Basically, this means that after you make your initial payment, you quickly begin to accumulate a much larger payment every month until your next payday. The only way to avoid this kind of “debt spiral” is to make extra payments. However, making an extra payment alone can be difficult, which is where payday loan debt assistance can make a big difference. While there may be some critics of this type of debt consolidation, there are many people who find this type of help useful and helpful.

When trying to determine whether payday loan debt assistance is right for you, it’s important to think about how you plan to handle your short term cash needs. If you simply need a little extra money until your next paycheck, debt settlement might be more appropriate. If you find yourself in serious financial trouble, payday loans often seem like the best solution. Regardless of what your personal situation is, it’s important to consider all of your options before deciding on the most effective short term debt solutions.