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If you need the services of an Atlanta orthopedic specialist, you should look for several things. You need to find out the address of the doctor, the phone number, and the zip code. Listed below are some popular places in GA. You can call them to make an appointment or get more information about them. You should also check if they accept your insurance. They are the best choice for your condition. There are many reasons to choose them. Read More –

How to Finding an Orthopedic Specialist

atlanta orthopedic specialist

Dr. Christopher Williams is an experienced, board certified orthopedic surgeon. He believes in holistic medicine and treats various acute and chronic conditions, such as degenerative disc disease. He is also a partner of Regenexx and performs TENEX, prolotherapy, and PRP therapy. In addition to his orthopedic specialty, he also specializes in treating aging, sports, and nutritional counseling. He also specializes in pediatric sports medicine.

The Atlanta Institute for Advanced Treatments is another facility to consider when looking for an orthopedic specialist. Dr. Williams is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has specialized in spine surgery for over 20 years. He also provides comprehensive care for upper and lower extremity injuries. In addition, he also offers nutritional counseling and anti-aging treatments. He has a special interest in sports medicine and is a partner of Regenexx.

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