How Much Does it Cost to Get a Car Wrapped or Painted?

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Car Wrapping Cost

Car wrapping is a service that many individuals utilize for a variety of reasons, but what most people don’t realize is the degree of customization and service that can be offered. If you have an older, rustic looking vehicle, why not spruce it up a bit with a wrap. It can make your car look more classic and give it a newer look. Wrapping a car not only improves the appearance of the car but also increases the resale value. There are both pros and cons to each vehicle wrapping solution, depending on materials used and aesthetic appeal.


Finding the average cost of car wrapping varies greatly, as you could be paid on either a fixed rate basis or be billed on a per-square foot basis. Fixed rates are often less expensive because you are not susceptible to changes in pricing when it comes to supply and demand. The downside is that these wraps often come only on certain models or for a specific length of time. However, if you have a new car coming out and can wait until its wrapped then this could be a great option.


When asking how much does it cost to get a car wrapped or painted, there are many variables that can affect the price. For instance, if you get vinyl instead of paint, then the overall price goes down since vinyl is more durable and won’t have to be repainted. The type of vinyl also affects the cost, whether it is clear vinyl or frosted vinyl. A trained professional will be able to give you the answer to the question, but in the end, you need to shop around for the best deal.

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