How to Make a Wide Velcro Strap

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wide velcro strap

Wide velcro strap are great for bundling and organizing cables and cords. You can use them to bundle and secure that hair dryer cord when you’re travelling, or to keep jumper cables neat in your car trunk. They’re also a great DIY ski straps and are super quick and easy to make.

How to Wash a VELCRO Strap

You can wash a VELCRO strap by hand or in the washing machine (depending on the type of velcro you used). If you do wash it in the washing machine, you should use a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Alternatively, you can steam or gas autoclave it to kill bacteria and germs.

The origins of VELCRO began with a Swiss electrical engineer named George de Mestral. While hunting in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, he noticed that the tiny hooks of cockle-burs stuck to his pants and dog’s fur. After experimenting with various methods to replicate the mechanism, Mr. de Mestral patented the first hook-and-loop fastener.

The Benefits of Wide Velcro Straps for Your Business or Personal Use: How They Can Secure Your Large Items

The VELCRO brand back to back strap is an orange 10mm wide pre-cut strap with a low profile plastic hook on one side and a velour loop welded to the other. It is soft enough for use on cables and plants but strong enough to provide a secure grip.

VELCRO Brand Cinch Straps

VELCRO brand cinch straps are ideal for cinching various materials and are ultrasonically welded to the loop end. This makes them adjustable and reusable.

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