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inogen accessories kit

Inogen inogen accessories kit of a variety of parts and accessories designed to enhance the functionality of your inogen portable oxygen concentrator. Using these items will help you get the most out of your device, and will give you peace of mind that you have everything you need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Product Overview

Inogen portable oxygen concentrators are among the most popular on the market. These products allow oxygen therapy patients to live active, independent lives that weren’t possible without a constant source of oxygen.

The company’s products are well regarded and come with excellent customer reviews. Inogen CFO Alison Bauerlein was inspired to develop a solution that would allow her grandmother to enjoy the freedom and independence she had always craved after being diagnosed with COPD.

Get the Most Out of Your Inogen Device with a Used Accessories Kit

If you’re looking to expand your Inogen system’s capacity, consider a single or double battery for more power on the go. These extra batteries will provide twice as many hours of use and are ideal for longer trips or days out with the family.

These batteries can be recharged through a DC port on most planes or an external battery charger. The batteries are made of Lithium-ion and can be easily replaced if needed.

Inogen offers a wide range of other accessories for its portable oxygen concentrators, including carry backpacks and carts. The accessories are designed to fit users’ carrying preferences and make using an inogen portable oxygen concentrator easier and more convenient.

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