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West coast plumbing and heating provides a wide range of plumbing services. The company offers clog removal, water heater repair, sewer cleaning, tank installation, high tech sewer jetting and more. Its team is trained to handle both commercial and residential plumbing.

What is the most important part of plumbing?

Customer service is a priority for the company. Its technicians are available 24/7 to assist customers with any problems that may arise. They are equipped with the latest tools to help them with their repairs. The company is fully licensed and insured. They also offer a free estimate on the services they provide. Link : westcoastplumbingpro.com

The salary at west coast plumbing and heating depends on the job title and position. The highest paying job is President with an average annual salary of $314. The lowest paying job is Office Manager with an average annual salary of $41.

Employees at west coast plumbing and heating receive several benefits. The company offers health insurance, dental coverage and vision coverage to its employees. It also has a 401(k) plan for its employees. The company has a great working environment that is friendly and welcoming.

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