What Are Casters?

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Casters are wheeled rolling devices that are designed to be used with another object. They can be found on industrial machines, office chairs, grocery carts and more.

A Caster is Made Up of Three Basic Components

The casters basic components are the top plate, the wheel and the axle. Regardless of the design, all casters have these three parts.

– The top plate is usually rectangular, with four holes. One in each corner.

These holes are drilled into the appliance and then screws are installed through them.

– A caster’s wheel is also usually square, but has a round hole for the axle.

It is able to roll on a stable surface like the ground or a track, making it easier for heavier things to move with less energy.

Casters 101: Understanding the Basics, Types, and Applications

This means that moving equipment is much faster and easier, which results in a boost in productivity. Plus, it reduces employee fatigue so that they can focus on their tasks more effectively and complete them in a shorter amount of time.

They can be made from different materials such as metal, rubber or plastic and are able to be moved on various surfaces.

Choosing the Right Material

When selecting a caster, there are several factors to consider including what type of surfaces it can be used on and how durable it will be. This will affect how comfortable the caster is to use and whether it’s easy to remove for inspection, repair or customization.

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