What Is the Best Weed For Anxiety?

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Best Weed

As you may already know, many strains of marijuana are available for purchase. Some are extremely potent, while some are far more mild. Which one is the best weed, depends on your preference. Although all strains can produce some amount of smoke, some produce far more potent smoke than others. If you are new to marijuana or are attempting to quit smoking cigarettes for any reason, the best choice will depend on personal preference and your body’s physiology. Of course, it is always recommended to consult a professional if you are considering quitting marijuana completely.

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Some of the most common and potent strains are Lemon Grass, Black Cohosh, Blueberry, and Cheese. Most people have heard of a certain number of these names. Lemon Grass, for example, is a very popular strain because it produces a sweet citrus aroma. These are often used by girl scout cookies in order to create cookie-like treats. The citrus smell is believed to stimulate one’s appetite. This is also believed to produce a calming effect because it reminds people of the memories of childhood.

Black Cohosh has a unique herbal aroma that is sometimes described as “coarse tobacco.” Its high protein content is another factor that makes it one of the best weed for creating cookies, muffins, and other edible items. Like Lemon Grass, it produces a sweet citrus aroma.

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