What Makes Willow Tree Figurines So Popular?

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Willow Tree Angels is a line of angel figurines made by artist Susan Lordi over the last few years. These are, she states in the description of one piece, “an original line of custom made, handcrafted art”. They have come to be recognized as a highly popular brand of artist’s figurines. There is a great deal of attention paid to detail and originality by this line, which should not be confused with an extremely run of the mill style of figurines that may be found elsewhere. This art is one of a kind, and the Willow Tree Angel figurines are a perfect example of this.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your What Makes Willow Tree Figurines So Popular?

In the description of one item, the name of the angel is given as “Resplendent”, which brings to mind how this may be displayed in your home or office setting. One thing that is important to note about Willow Tree angel figurines is the originality factor. Each piece is designed, built, and finished by the artist herself. As a result, they are all one of a kind. The quality, craftsmanship, and originality present in each will vary from one artist’s creation to another.

In recent times Willow Tree has been selling a very wide variety of additional figurines, such as: “hereditary twins” and “angel twins”. This brings to mind the concept of the two different beings, created at the same time, becoming one with each other, or more commonly, two souls living together in a temporary physical state. In this way the product, once purchased, can literally become a part of someone else’s life, existing as an extension of that other person, or one may even say their life. It is not uncommon to see Willow Tree figurines within the homes of individuals who have angelic attachments. And of course this type of figurines is not limited to the Christian world, for there are Willow Tree angel figurines that have been sold in the Hindu and Muslim faiths.

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