What to Look For in a 12lb Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets can help people with a variety of sleep problems. They’re known to increase serotonin and melatonin, the hormones that promote a sense of calm. They also help reduce cortisol, a stress hormone. Read more https://www.californiadesignden.com/collections/12lb-weighted-blanket

12lb Weighted Blanket

Whether you’re looking for a heavyweight, lightweight or a dual therapy weighted blanket, there’s a model that’s right for you. You’ll want to pick one that’s the ideal heft for your body size, while considering filling material and fabric materials for comfort.

You’ll find that weighted blankets come in many different materials and sizes, including reversible designs that give you a distinct feel on each side. Some models are covered in breathable cotton or microfiber, while others are made from fleece for a plush feel and cozier texture.

Care is important for a weighted blanket to last long and deliver the best possible results. If you’re planning to use your blanket on a regular basis, opt for models that are made from quality fabrics and filled with micro glass beads or plastic poly pellets, as these tend to be more durable.

How a 12lb Weighted Blanket Can Improve Your Sleep and Reduce Stress

You can also choose weighted blankets with a machine washable cover, as they’re easy to clean in most household washing machines. Make sure you read the product’s care instructions, though. Some models may only be able to be washed in the machine, while other blankets need to be separated into the outer shell that houses the beads or pellets and the inner cover.

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