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If your webmaster uses “related site” phrases in your meta tags, then you should consider using another way to describe your site that isn’t keyword-rich. A relevant unrelated site can have a higher page rank than your main website. It may be due to the fact that the related site has content which is of less interest to you. You can also search for other related site names using this method. Also keep in mind that the “related site” phrase needs to be contained within the html tag (i.e., “links” instead of “site”) for the Page Rank change to take effect.

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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking and Social Media: Some companies prefer to link to their pages from third-party sites and social media. If you are planning to add such links, be aware that some of these external linking sources may provide poor quality in terms of the links. For example, if a friend edits a blog post, and puts a link to your page in the post, you may find that the edited post will have poor tracking technologies. If you choose to use external social bookmarking and/or social media linking, be sure to use tools like Google Webmaster Tools to check the quality of the links.

wi-fi scanning and keyboard scans: When someone visits your site, you may be able to collect their personal information by sending a “ping” request through your network. The computer sends a query to their network servers, and the server replies with a broadcast to all of their other clients. You send a follow up ping alerting them that you “reviewed the information on the [user’s name]”, and that “you do not recognize any details associated with this record”. The network servers reply with a denial, and another ping alerting them that you asked them to remove your user name from their lists. If they refuse to remove your personal information, you can use this information later on to launch an attack on their networks. Many companies will collect data through “wipe out” their customers’ data against their will, so you must be aware of their privacy policies.

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